What is an energy challenge?

An energy challenge is a program to stimulate a community to become more energy efficient. The Challenge organization will promote energy efficiency through friendly competition, rewards, prizes and easy to use information for taking action.

How do you pick your business partners?

The Energy Challenge has vetted all of its business partners for their reliability, customer service, and pricing. Just because we recommend them, doesn’t mean they are your only choice of providers. Our goal is to help you save energy. Based on the work of Dr. Mckenzie-Mohr in “Fostering Sustainable Behavior” we find that people are more likely to complete their actions when we offer them the direct tools. By creating partnerships with vetted providers, we offer a simple & direct line to for residents to complete the energy saving actions. These providers act as a first step and a comparison point.

Why should I get a home energy assessment?

With an energy assessment you will have all your light bulbs upgraded to energy efficient models, all your showerheads replaced with aerated (not low pressure) models, and your thermostat replaced with a programmable model that will save you money. And, ALL THIS IS FREE, including a detailed report on other energy efficiency measures – with associated credits and rebates — that you can take to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. They will also let you know about programs to help you pay for the improvements.

I’ve already had an energy assessment, what else should I do?

Don’t wave goodbye to the idea of getting an energy assessment just yet. You are eligible for a free energy assessment every 3 years. Every few years, the incentives and rebates change. Maybe last audit you got rid of those out-dated incandescent lights. Now you can upgrade to LED bulbs which come on instantly, and use less energy than CFLS.

Aside from the assessment there are still plenty of other actions you can take. Two good first steps are to sign up to track your actual utility use and complete the SouthCoast Energy Challenge Carbon Calculator.

Start thinking about how and what you eat. Every body eats food, and food is a great place to learn more about energy and money savings!

I’m a business, how do I get involved?

Businesses can play a huge role in the SouthCoast Energy Challenge.  As a rewards partner, you can reach new customers and support your current customers with special discounts or coupons they earn by saving energy in their homes. You can also create an Energy Challenge team for your business and help promote Energy Efficiency through the Energy Challenge to your employees and customers.

What is the CO2 calculator and why should I use it?

The CO2 calculator is the best way for you to discover your true carbon emissions. It encompasses all the different ways you use energy and will provide show you the areas where you use, and can save, the most!

What is the SouthCoast?

The Southcoast originally was a term to refer to the coastal communities south of the I-95 freeway. The Challenge uses it to describe the areas including Bristol and Plymouth counties.

Can I join the challenge if I am not in the SouthCoast?

Sure!  You can still have access to all the energy efficiency resources and information available on our web site. Feel free to use our site and information as a template to start an energy challenge in your area.

What action will save me the most money?

The biggest money saving action you can take, with no up-front cost, is to complete a home energy assessment! The free energy efficiency changes that are included in your home energy assessment will save you at least $152 a year to start, and that’s before you take action on any suggested efficiency measures your energy expert recommends to you as a result of the assessment.

If you drive the speed limit and maintain your car’s tires at an appropriate pressure, you can as much as 11¢ per gallon!

Taking the step to weatherize your home will get you one of the biggest money savings – as much as $308 per year — with a minimal upfront investment.  Remember, there are Mass Save rebates and credits to help you pay for recommended household upgrades!

Is their financial help for weatherizing my home?

When you get an energy assessment, any recommendations made for weatherizations are financially covered, by the state, up to $2000. Most weatherizing is about $2500, so the typical out of pocket cost is about $500.  Typically, you will earn this money back in about 6 months, after which you will save hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bills.

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