Fairhaven Solar Challenge


From June 1 to November 30, 2013, The Energy Challenge sponsored its first “Solar Challenge” in the SouthCoast. For this challenge, the Energy Challenge partnered with Next Step Living, and BayCoast Bank to educate residents about energy efficiency and make solar more affordable. The program negotiated a 20% discount for residents who went solar.

Because of this program:

300 Fairhaven residents took The Challenge to save energy!

9 New solar PV residential installed in 2013

The program also was responsible for the first “solar tour” in the region. The success of the Fairhaven Solar Tour has lead to several more solar tours in the region, and are a popular educational activity.


house-solar“My father was a pioneer in the 1970’s with solar hot water. When it became clear to us that we could help the environment and save money by getting solar electricity, it was a logical step to take. It is a great feeling to know that we are helping the environment for future generations.”
– Sharon Souza

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