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Energy and Environmental Myths, Misconceptions, and Controversies – Solar Roadways Part 2

This might be a three part blog instead of a two part one. I’m way more hesitant than I should be about this subject. The thing is, a lot of the people in this program are REALLY enthusiastic about Solar Roadways, and I don’t want to be the biggest downer of all time without due… Continue Reading

Green: More Than Just My Favorite Color

I’m not usually one to choose favorites. I have a few favorite things, like my favorite day of the week (Friday), my favorite season (Summer), and my favorite baseball team (the Red Sox). Any sane person probably shares these favorite things with me, however I do have a favorite that isn’t so obvious and slightly… Continue Reading

Commuter Rail

Whenever I visit North Kingstown in Rhode Island, I’m reminded about one of the state’s most underutilized, energy-saving resources – the Wickford Junction MBTA Station. The station opened two years ago. It cost the state of Rhode Island 44 million dollars to build and it costs $721,629 per year to operate and maintain. It is… Continue Reading

Portable Solar Panel

I wanted to share this great solar product that I just purchased, Solar Restore. It is a small portable solar panel for charging USB powered devices. It can be attached to a backpack so that you can charge your cell phone or iPod as you walk. For me, this is a great solution for campers. One… Continue Reading

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