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Check Your Tire Pressure

Save 332 lbs CO2 and $60 Savings Per Year Under-inflated tires are dangerous, prematurely age tires, and cost fuel efficiency! Most people don’t check their tire pressure regularly. This is like throwing money out the window while you’re driving. Not only does this action save you money but it saves CO2 and lots of it. So,… Continue Reading

Get an Oil Change

60 lbs CO2 Per Year $105 Savings Per Year Short Description Up-to-date servicing of your vehicle keeps it running more efficiently, and helps reduce emissions Long Description Don’t put on the dirty overalls, don’t try and put your car up on the jacks, and don’t climb under the car. Get someone else to do it… Continue Reading

Quit Idling Your Car

385 lbs CO2 Per Year $91 Savings Per Year Short Description Turn your car off when you are not moving to save money and gas. Long Description There are a lot of misconceptions about idling your engine vs. shutting it off, but here are the facts.   Every second your car is idling you are… Continue Reading

Ride the Bus

811 lbs CO2 Per Year $154 Savings Per Year Short Description Using public transportation saves time, money and will help clean up our air! Long Description Did you know that a bus with as few as seven passengers is more fuel efficient than the average auto used for commuting? A single person commuting via transit,… Continue Reading

Savings on Cruise Control

120 lbs CO2 Per Year $200 Savings Per Year Short Description Cruise control can increase your fuel efficiency 7-14%! Long Description During highway driving, cruise control helps maintain a steady speed. According to a test conducted by, cruise control can provide a 7% average fuel savings, compared to driving without the device operating. These… Continue Reading

Drive the Speed Limit

1102 lbs CO2 Per Year $209 Savings Per Year Short Description Drive and maintain the speed limit Long Description Drive the speed limit, and save gas and money! While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 miles per hour. According to, “you… Continue Reading

Carpool When you Can

790 lbs CO2 Per Year $500 Savings Per Year Short Description Carpooling is a great way to save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and spend time with friends and coworkers! Long Description Do your friends or coworkers often travel to the same places? Do you find yourself driving an empty car most of the time? Why… Continue Reading

The Aurora Borealis

by Malena Buker There is more to the Aurora Borealis than what meets the eye. The display of colors, colloquially termed the Northern Lights, occurs at the Earth’s northern magnetic pole and is created by the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and protons and electrons from the sun. The charged particles stream in different directions… Continue Reading

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