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Go Green Plant A Tree

13 lbs CO2 Per Year $0 Savings Per Year Short Description Plant a tree to help offset your carbon emissions! Long Description Have your family plant a tree in your neighborhood! Trees use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and produce oxygen, meaning they provide cleaner air containing less CO2. Additionally, planting a tree can serve as… Continue Reading

Wind Turbine Farming

by Miles Flisher Wind turbine farms are becoming more popular across the United States and Europe. A company based in Germany, called E.ON, has invested in wind farms that produce nearly 4000 megawatts of clean power combined. E.ON is also responsible for a large scale wind farm in Roscoe, Texas, which produces 800 megawatts alone.… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Video Interview: King Corn

by Michael Broadbent Recently, I was ordered by my commander to watch a video about sustainability with one of the hapless fellows I connived into being my friend (let’s codename him “Sam”, because that’s his name). We decided to watch King Corn. Out of the videos we had to choose from, it was one of… Continue Reading

Think global act local: Food CSA’s in a Nutshell

by Patrick Morency CSA’s (short for Community Supported Agriculture) are basically subscription-based farms. A local farm produces a harvest and the local community buys shares. Shares are generally paid for before the season, creating a ‘shared risk’ and a deeper feeling of community. Each shareholder accepts the possibility of a lean harvest, but also has… Continue Reading

John Bullard Shares the Realities of Climate Change

by Jessica Garrity Our team meeting this past Halloween left me feeling incredibly motivated and inspired. John Bullard, Northeast Regional Administrator for NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and  former mayor of New Bedford, recently came and spoke to the Challenge interns about the effects of climate change, and the part we all play… Continue Reading

A “Renewable” Partnership

by Miles Flisher Media coverage of renewable energy development in Russia and China has been scarce. Coverage of these countries usually has a more political focus. However, there is talk of these two giants joining forces to increase their renewable energy production. Russia has plans to match the Chinese share of the renewable energy market.… Continue Reading

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