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Cigarettes and the Environment

by Malena Buker Most people know that smoking pollutes the air and the lungs. However, the negative effects of cigarette smoking do not end at the ash tray. Two hundred and eighty billion cigarettes are purchased each year, and most of these cigarettes end up as litter on highways, parks, and beaches. Here, toxic chemicals in the cigarettes… Continue Reading

The Lurker in Your Outlet

By Jessica Garrity Phantom energy: What is it and why should we reduce it? Phantom energy is also known as plug load, phantom power, ghost load, vampire load and a few other names, but all of them state pretty plainly what it is. It is power that is consumed by your appliances when they are “shut… Continue Reading


Let’s talk brains. The brain is essentially a giant supercomputer that functions both chemically and electrically to form the most complex molecular machine known to mankind. Neuroscience is the beautiful study that aims to brave this mystery that is the brain. Research in this field will undoubtedly be monumental in fields such as medicine and technology. There’s an immense amount of… Continue Reading

Water’ya Waitin’ For? Drink From the Tap!

Our little blue planet gets its colorful description from the huge bodies of water that collectively cover over 70% of the world’s surface. Water is almost everywhere on Earth – even inside of you – about 54% of an average human’s body weight is attributed to water. In fact, life as we know it simply could not exist… Continue Reading

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