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A “Renewable” Partnership

by Miles Flisher Media coverage of renewable energy development in Russia and China has been scarce. Coverage of these countries usually has a more political focus. However, there is talk of these two giants joining forces to increase their renewable energy production. Russia has plans to match the Chinese share of the renewable energy market.… Continue Reading

7/18/14 Dartmouth Solar Challenge Celebrates First Installation

SouthCoast Energy Challenge is pleased to announce the first solar photovoltaic (PV) installation of the town-sponsored Dartmouth Solar Challenge, which launched at the end of March. “We are thrilled that the first panels are installed and producing green energy and we’re looking forward to many, many more,” said Karen Stewart, Assistant Director of the Challenge.… Continue Reading

7/23/14 Solar Home Tour Set For Sunday August 10

A summer solar home tour will take place on Sunday, August 10 from 4-6 pm in Dartmouth. The solar tour is designed to give homeowners a chance to view solar installations up-close and ask questions of the solar experts attending the tour. The van tour will visit 4 locations to see a variety of solar… Continue Reading

8/1/14 Dartmouth Solar Campaign Extended Through Summer

The Southcoast Energy Challenge is pleased to announce the extension of the time-limited Dartmouth Solar Campaign. “We want to be sure to capture all the summer residents and those going on vacation,” said Karen Stewart, assistant director of the Challenge. “It was a joint decision to extend the program until early fall to ensure residents… Continue Reading

9/25/14 Dartmouth Solar Challenge Wraps Up

Over 400 Dartmouth residents came out for the Dartmouth Solar challenge, a 5-month campaign to increase residents taking advantage of solar electricity. The program boasts 23 new residential solar photovoltaic (PV) installations adding 191 kW of clean energy to the grid. “Dartmouth can be proud of the program,” said Karen Stewart, assistant director of the… Continue Reading

Switch to Solar Power

Money Saved: $1,750 Worried about your home utility bills skyrocketing? Here is a way you can avoid such an unfortunate predicament: try switching to Solar! If you are a home owner and have a solar-worthy (south facing, unshaded) roof, don’t miss this chance to protect yourself from utility increases (current increases are about 6.7% a… Continue Reading

Solar Powered Water Wheel Cleaning the Ocean

While browsing Facebook, I happened upon a really interesting article about a solar powered water wheel that cleans the plastic from the ocean. It turned out to be a fascinating read. Only .1% of plastic produced each year ends up in the ocean, which doesn’t sound like a lot, right? Well, when you realize that… Continue Reading

Going Solar Like a Pro

Solar power, the increasingly popular form of energy , just converts sunlight into electricity either by panels or indirectly though another source. Solar comes mostly in the form of solar panels that people can put either on their roofs or in their yard. The solar panels are photovoltaic, meaning that they convert solar radiation into direct… Continue Reading

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