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7/23/13 BayCoast Bank Partners with SouthCoast Energy Challenge to Offer Region’s First Solar Loan

Starting this summer, BayCoast Bank is offering a low interest, variable-term loan to SouthCoast residents interested in purchasing solar for their homes. The unique partnership between the SouthCoast Energy Challenge (SEC) and the region’s largest local bank will help to grow the number of people who can take advantage of the benefits of solar by… Continue Reading

9/27/13 Tri-Town Solar Challenge Solar Events Planned

SouthCoast Energy Challenge and Next Step Living will offer residents a chance to participate in the “Tri-Town Solar Challenge.” A “Solar Social,” to introduce the solar challenge to residents, will be held on October 16, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm at the Sippican Cafe in Marion. Challenge representatives and members of their partner network will… Continue Reading

10/11/13 Solar Challenge Launched in Tri­Town

Community leaders introduced the “Tri­Town Solar Challenge” on September 26 at the Elizabeth Tabor Library in Marion. SouthCoast Energy Challenge and Next Step Living, the program’s energy services provider, outlined the benefits for Tri­Town residents, i.e. those residing in Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester. “The Marion Energy Management Committee is very pleased with the exciting work… Continue Reading

11/14/13 Fairhaven Solar Challenge Bus Tour

Don’t miss your chance to go solar! The SouthCoast Energy Challenge will be hosting a solar bus tour December 8th at 1:30 pm to visit Fairhaven homes that have gone solar, and to provide information about the benefits of the Challenge’s solar program before it ends on December 31st. The tour will visit up to… Continue Reading

4/17/14 Southcoast Energy Challenge Announces Partnership With New England Solar Hot Water

As part of their goal of reducing energy use in the SouthCoast, The SouthCoast Energy Challenge is proud to announce a new partnership with New England Solar Hot Water (NESHW). The Energy Challenge now has both solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar domestic hot water options for homeowners, which expands their suite of renewable options for… Continue Reading

5/6/14 10,000 SouthCoast Residents Take Energy Challenge

10,000 membership goal reached! • 2,228 Metric Tons of CO2 prevented from contributing to climate change • 3,078 Home Energy Assessments performed • 800 Events attended • 171 Solar Installations adding 1102.89 KWh of clean energy in the region • 95 Future Leaders Trained Over 10,000 SouthCoast residents are now taking the SouthCoast Energy Challenge… Continue Reading

5/15/14 First Contracts Signed in Dartmouth Solar Challenge

Southcoast Energy Challenge is pleased to announce that the first two contracts for home solar PV (photovoltaic) systems have been signed as part of the Dartmouth Solar Challenge, a time-limited residential solar program offered to Dartmouth residents in partnership with the Town of Dartmouth and RGS Energy, a nationwide leader of turnkey solar energy solutions.… Continue Reading

5/24/14 Dartmouth Solar Challenge hosts Home Solar Makeover Event at VFW Hall in North Dartmouth on June 10th

The Southcoast Energy Challenge will host a community workshop and presentation “Home Solar Makeover” at the VFW Hall on Cross St. in Dartmouth, beginning at 6:00 pm on June 10th. The Dartmouth Solar Challenge is a limited-time program of the SouthCoast Energy Challenge and is being offered in partnership with the Town of Dartmouth. Solar… Continue Reading

6/5/14 SouthCoast Energy Challenge Presents “Growing Solar” at Dartmouth Grange

The Dartmouth Solar Challenge, which aims to double the current amount of residential capacity for solar electricity, is presenting a community talk at the Dartmouth Grange on Monday, June 30, beginning at 7:00 pm. “Growing Solar” in Dartmouth will discuss how the Dartmouth Solar Challenge, a partnership between the town of Dartmouth and the Southcoast… Continue Reading

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