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I Vote, I Count

In the days of big-money politics, it seems easy to believe that one’s vote hardly matters anymore. Races are fought and won in early-primary and battleground states, and around 40% the country doesn’t partake anyway, so why bother? However, Richard Manning closes his article “The Oil We Eat” stating that he voted twice in 2002… Continue Reading

Our Greatest Flaw: A Response to Richard Manning’s ‘The Oil We Eat’

After reading Richard Manning’s article “‘The Oil We Eat’ Following the Food Chain Back to Iraq”, what struck me most was Manning’s claim that the green revolution is the worst thing to happen to the planet. I will argue that the green revolution itself is not the worst, as it stems from a much deeper… Continue Reading

“Crude Awakening”

For the past week while I’ve been away I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to work on my sustainability goal. However, I did watch an episode of HBO’s show Vice titled “Crude Awakening”. Although it may not directly relate to sustainability, it does go further into detail about the fuel crisis we are currently facing.… Continue Reading

Green: More Than Just My Favorite Color

I’m not usually one to choose favorites. I have a few favorite things, like my favorite day of the week (Friday), my favorite season (Summer), and my favorite baseball team (the Red Sox). Any sane person probably shares these favorite things with me, however I do have a favorite that isn’t so obvious and slightly… Continue Reading

Response to “An Ounce of Hope is Worth a Ton of Despair”, by George Monbiot

My favorite band is Radiohead. Yes, some people may think they’re mind-numbing, but I love their music. As a result, when the lead singer, Thom Yorke, includes links to articles on his Twitter feed, I’m likely to click on it. I recently read one he posted by English environmental activist George Monbiot about the tone… Continue Reading

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