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Is That a Hamburger or a Corn?

Upon recently watching the documentary, King Corn, I realized very quickly how much corn is in our everyday diet. This film pointed out how corn ends up as different by-products in foods, how inexpensive it is to grow it, and how much surplus is grown as well. One fact, however, disturbed me the most throughout… Continue Reading

New Interns Start with Energy Challenge

    2/14/14 Thirteen new interns began their employment with the SouthCoast Energy Challenge on Valentines Day. These new 13 are accompanied by 3 lead interns and 2 former interns who have been promoted. Julia Bartholomew is continuing as the Events Coordinator, and Crystal Cruz is continuing as Assistant Manager. Ken Holloway, Dustin Rodriguez, and Andrew… Continue Reading

Forever Green

  I took the Girl Scouts Forever Green pledge. The girls have pledged reduce waste, save energy, and build rain gardens. Additionally, the Girl Scouts official website encourages people to “Take Action”, just like the SouthCoast Energy Challenge does! The Girl Scout “pledges” in Eastern Massachusetts have eliminated 2,536,973 pounds of CO2, which they calculate… Continue Reading

Water Bottle Ban

Believe it or not, there are many things you can do with your tap water besides washing your car and showering. Rumor has it that it is actually clean enough to consume. To urge the use of drinking tap water, Concord, Massachusetts has recently placed a ban on single use plastic water bottles. With over… Continue Reading


Soccket Balls by Uncharted Play can capture and store kinetic energy and then use it to power a light!  They can also include an emergency cell phone charger and an energy tracking device.  Amazing!   Read the full story from Time here: Visit Uncharted Play here:   Continue Reading

Roads made of Solar Panels!

  Imagine if, instead of asphalt, our roads, parking lots, and driveways were made of solar panels.  Now imagine if these solar panels could also be heated to melt snow and ice.  This would prevent roads from becoming dangerously slippy without the use of salt and sand which can be hazardous to the surrounding environment… Continue Reading


I posted this to a personal blog last week, but I feel that this is a great place to share! —— Today I took about an hour to read the chapter of the book Eaarth (that’s right, with two a’s).  The author, Bill McKibben, claims the earth we live on is no longer what it… Continue Reading

Algae Lamp! Revolutionizing Energy Production.

Algae lamps have the abilityto collect more CO2 than trees.  Energy production through algae plants is being researched, and there are products like lamps being designed and developed to harness this energy. Researchers at Stanford have been studying the electrical current that algae plants produce during photosynthesis, a plants way of creating energy by converting… Continue Reading

The SouthCoast Energy Challenge is Now Hiring PAID INTERNS for Winter/Spring 2013

The SouthCoast Energy Challenge is NOW HIRING students and local residents for the Community Outreach & Organizing Internship: WINTER / SPRING 2013! This is a PAID INTERNSHIP! About the Challenge: The Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEAL) has launched the SouthCoast Energy Challenge to engage and mobilize residents to become more thoughtful and efficient energy consumers.… Continue Reading

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