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Top Summer Energy Saving Actions

Ready for summer? Here are the top 5 habits you can take this summer to save energy and money. Use your A/C Wisely – $336 Hang Dry Your Laundry – $34 (the fresh smell is a bonus) Buy and Eat Local Food – $20 Get With the Program-mable Thermosat – $497 Turn Off the Fan When You Leave the Room –… Continue Reading

Run your pool filters at night and save…

For all you pool owners, did you know that electricity prices are generally higher during the day? So why are you running your pool pumps in the daytime? Run it at night, and instantly reduce your electricity bill. Pool owners, check your electricity bill and see if you have variable rates for peak and off… Continue Reading

Challenge of the Week: Is your toilet running? You better catch it…

A common indoor water wasting problem is leaky toilets. A toilet that leaks is costing you money right under you, literally. Water dripping, phantom flushing, continuous trickling sound, and drip and refill are some symptoms of a leaky toilet. One of the most common symptoms, is water slowly leaking into your toilet bowl. So quick,… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Video Interview: King Corn

by Michael Broadbent Recently, I was ordered by my commander to watch a video about sustainability with one of the hapless fellows I connived into being my friend (let’s codename him “Sam”, because that’s his name). We decided to watch King Corn. Out of the videos we had to choose from, it was one of… Continue Reading

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