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Refrigerator Seal Test

Could refrigerator seals be stealing your money? We don’t mean those adorable seal magnets you got on at the beach. The seals on your refrigerator help maintain the air barrier – and that air is what maintains the temperature. Seals get worn out with age and use, so it is a good idea to keep… Continue Reading

Keep Water in the Fridge!

If you like a tall cool drink of water, store your drinking water in the refrigerator rather than letting the tap run every time. This will save water from going down the drain and comes with a little $omething $pecial. Keeping water (or other products in the refrigerator) will help it run more efficiently. Think… Continue Reading

Run your pool filters at night and save…

For all you pool owners, did you know that electricity prices are generally higher during the day? So why are you running your pool pumps in the daytime? Run it at night, and instantly reduce your electricity bill. Pool owners, check your electricity bill and see if you have variable rates for peak and off… Continue Reading

The Lurker in Your Outlet

By Jessica Garrity Phantom energy: What is it and why should we reduce it? Phantom energy is also known as plug load, phantom power, ghost load, vampire load and a few other names, but all of them state pretty plainly what it is. It is power that is consumed by your appliances when they are “shut… Continue Reading

Lightbulb Savings

  INCANDESCENT These are the lightbulbs that most people use in their homes. The lifespan of this lightbulb is  750 hours or just 31 days. Just think if you left your lights on 24/7 you’d have to keep changing these every month! What a waste! The monthly cost for a 40 watt bulb is $2.16.… Continue Reading

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