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Grow Your Own Food!

  0 lbs CO2 Per Year $0 Savings Per Year Short Description Planting an edible garden can reduce your carbon footprint while providing you with fresh produce! Long Description Have some extra yard space? Why not try some gardening? Growing fruits, vegetables, and greens to used in your kitchen is a fun and rewarding experience!… Continue Reading

Go Green Plant A Tree

13 lbs CO2 Per Year $0 Savings Per Year Short Description Plant a tree to help offset your carbon emissions! Long Description Have your family plant a tree in your neighborhood! Trees use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and produce oxygen, meaning they provide cleaner air containing less CO2. Additionally, planting a tree can serve as… Continue Reading

Wind Turbine Farming

by Miles Flisher Wind turbine farms are becoming more popular across the United States and Europe. A company based in Germany, called E.ON, has invested in wind farms that produce nearly 4000 megawatts of clean power combined. E.ON is also responsible for a large scale wind farm in Roscoe, Texas, which produces 800 megawatts alone.… Continue Reading

Bee Aware of Neonicotinoids

by Patrick Morency I’m writing this blog in favor of the Saving America’s Pollinators Act (H.R.2692)- introduced by Representatives John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) in July of 2013- which would suspend the use of neonicotinoid pesticides until a full review of scientific evidence indicated they are safe and a field study demonstrates no… Continue Reading

Worldwide Groundwater Depletion: What it Means

by Patrick Morency “Groundwater depletion the world over poses a far greater threat to global water security than is currently acknowledged.”  Nature Publishing Group, An alarming satellite-based analysis from NASA, released last month, finds that the world is depleting groundwater — the water stored underground in soil and aquifers — at an unprecedented rate.… Continue Reading

A “Renewable” Partnership

by Miles Flisher Media coverage of renewable energy development in Russia and China has been scarce. Coverage of these countries usually has a more political focus. However, there is talk of these two giants joining forces to increase their renewable energy production. Russia has plans to match the Chinese share of the renewable energy market.… Continue Reading

The Aurora Borealis

by Malena Buker There is more to the Aurora Borealis than what meets the eye. The display of colors, colloquially termed the Northern Lights, occurs at the Earth’s northern magnetic pole and is created by the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and protons and electrons from the sun. The charged particles stream in different directions… Continue Reading

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