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The Aurora Borealis

by Malena Buker There is more to the Aurora Borealis than what meets the eye. The display of colors, colloquially termed the Northern Lights, occurs at the Earth’s northern magnetic pole and is created by the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and protons and electrons from the sun. The charged particles stream in different directions… Continue Reading

Hope for America’s Future

It’s unfortunate to see that today, Americans (well some) seem to only care about themselves and not about others. They are disintegrating that community that they talk about back in the so called “good old days” by not talking to their neighbors, or lending a helping hand to someone who is not as privileged and… Continue Reading

Every Lead Counts: A Reflection on the Success of the SouthCoast Energy Challenge

On the 4th of July, I tabled for the Southcoast Energy Challenge at the Charles Morgan Event in New Bedford. In light of what was forecasted as an impending hurricane, many New Bedford residents had opted to stay indoors, and in any case, the event was pretty empty. For the first few hours I stood… Continue Reading

“Crude Awakening”

For the past week while I’ve been away I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to work on my sustainability goal. However, I did watch an episode of HBO’s show Vice titled “Crude Awakening”. Although it may not directly relate to sustainability, it does go further into detail about the fuel crisis we are currently facing.… Continue Reading

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