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Welcome Millie!

We are excited to announce that Millie Sanchez will be joining the Energy Challenge as our new Outreach Manager! Millie is a New Bedford resident with a passion for community activism. Recently, she has been working with the Girl Scouts of Southeastern MA and will graduate from Bristol Community College next month. She also serves as… Continue Reading

Think global act local: Food CSA’s in a Nutshell

by Patrick Morency CSA’s (short for Community Supported Agriculture) are basically subscription-based farms. A local farm produces a harvest and the local community buys shares. Shares are generally paid for before the season, creating a ‘shared risk’ and a deeper feeling of community. Each shareholder accepts the possibility of a lean harvest, but also has… Continue Reading

John Bullard Shares the Realities of Climate Change

by Jessica Garrity Our team meeting this past Halloween left me feeling incredibly motivated and inspired. John Bullard, Northeast Regional Administrator for NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and  former mayor of New Bedford, recently came and spoke to the Challenge interns about the effects of climate change, and the part we all play… Continue Reading

Cigarettes and the Environment

by Malena Buker Most people know that smoking pollutes the air and the lungs. However, the negative effects of cigarette smoking do not end at the ash tray. Two hundred and eighty billion cigarettes are purchased each year, and most of these cigarettes end up as litter on highways, parks, and beaches. Here, toxic chemicals in the cigarettes… Continue Reading

Gender Wars: Do Men or Women Have a Bigger Carbon Footprint?

After a simple carbon footprint exercise at a recent team meeting for the South Coast Energy Challenge, a question popped into my head: ‘Which is the greener gender? In general, women are said to be “greener” in their attitudes and preferences, but does that really directly relate to their carbon footprint? Strictly based on the… Continue Reading

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