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The Lurker in Your Outlet

By Jessica Garrity Phantom energy: What is it and why should we reduce it? Phantom energy is also known as plug load, phantom power, ghost load, vampire load and a few other names, but all of them state pretty plainly what it is. It is power that is consumed by your appliances when they are “shut… Continue Reading

“Crude Awakening”

For the past week while I’ve been away I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to work on my sustainability goal. However, I did watch an episode of HBO’s show Vice titled “Crude Awakening”. Although it may not directly relate to sustainability, it does go further into detail about the fuel crisis we are currently facing.… Continue Reading

A Positive Outlook

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think about the impact everyone has on the environment. It seems like day to day living and existing leaves an irreparable impact on the planet humans are supposed to be living on indefinitely? When I consider everything that I’ve done that’s been detrimental to the environment (i.e. the amount… Continue Reading

Lucas’ personal sustainability goals

I’ve begun to make changes in my life and now hope that I can get my family on board as well. I’ll begin by recommending no products with individual or excess packaging. Most things we enjoy, even snacks, can me made out of basic ingredients and be transported in washable containers. Soda has long since been removed from our… Continue Reading

Crystal’s Sustainability Goal

When tasked to create a sustainability goal for this semester, I was inspired by the example given in our “What is Sustainability?” SEC lecture. The questions below were posed in for the initial goal setting phase and I am finding them very useful/helpful in organizing my start of this goal. What is my goal? Eat… Continue Reading

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