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John Bullard Shares the Realities of Climate Change

by Jessica Garrity Our team meeting this past Halloween left me feeling incredibly motivated and inspired. John Bullard, Northeast Regional Administrator for NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and  former mayor of New Bedford, recently came and spoke to the Challenge interns about the effects of climate change, and the part we all play… Continue Reading

What Do the Stickers on Your Fruit and Vegetables Mean?

by Patrick Morency Those stickers on your produce are more than little nuisances to be peeled off and occasionally bit into by accident.The numbers on the stickers are called PLU numbers, and they contain very important information regarding how your fruit and vegetables are grown. PLU stands for “price look-up” number. The PLU system is… Continue Reading

Worldwide Groundwater Depletion: What it Means

by Patrick Morency “Groundwater depletion the world over poses a far greater threat to global water security than is currently acknowledged.”  Nature Publishing Group, An alarming satellite-based analysis from NASA, released last month, finds that the world is depleting groundwater — the water stored underground in soil and aquifers — at an unprecedented rate.… Continue Reading

A “Renewable” Partnership

by Miles Flisher Media coverage of renewable energy development in Russia and China has been scarce. Coverage of these countries usually has a more political focus. However, there is talk of these two giants joining forces to increase their renewable energy production. Russia has plans to match the Chinese share of the renewable energy market.… Continue Reading

The Aurora Borealis

by Malena Buker There is more to the Aurora Borealis than what meets the eye. The display of colors, colloquially termed the Northern Lights, occurs at the Earth’s northern magnetic pole and is created by the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and protons and electrons from the sun. The charged particles stream in different directions… Continue Reading

Man…No Impact!

by Cibele Mariani No impact. None at all. No more carbon foot-print. No more consumption. Did he really say “NO” to everything? The “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan challenged himself and his family to live a year without producing any negative impact to the planet. His documentary, No Impact Man, follows his life and his… Continue Reading

The Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity: It’s Not Just a Matter of Less Animals

by Jessica Garrity In order to understand the impact that climate change will have on biodiversity, we must first understand biodiversity. Biodiversity is defined as “the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.” Biodiversity is extremely important, partly because having a wide variety of plants and animals provides us… Continue Reading

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