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What Color is Your Gas Flame?

The color of the flame on your gas stove can tell you if you are wasting money.  When operating efficiently, a gas flame should be blue. If your gas flame is yellow, it is not operating efficiently. Call a licensed contractor to solve the problem. Every wasted molecule is coming out of your pocketbook, and that… Continue Reading

Keep the Freezer Full to Save Energy

All that air in your freezer may be costing you money. To save energy, keep your freezer tightly packed, and add bags of ice as needed to fill the empty space. Replacing the cold air with something colder than the air decreases the temperature, making your freezer run more efficiently and use less energy. Not an… Continue Reading

Get a reusable water bottle

It takes over 24 gallons of water to make just 1 plastic water bottle. Bringing your own will save you money and save energy. There is energy used to produce the bottle, pump the water, and gasoline to drive the bottle to wherever you purchase it. Here is some more information on just how much… Continue Reading

Get your Furnace Tuned Up

200 lbs CO2 Per Year $70 Savings Per Year Short Description Sealing any leaks can reduce carbon monoxide output, as well as increase the efficiency at which it heats your home. Long Description Having someone look at your furnace and tuning it up for the winter is both a good idea for safety and for… Continue Reading

Cook Food With Less Fat and Water

200 lbs CO2 Per Year $60 Savings Per Year Short Description Making pasta with less water, or making lean meat can drastically reduce the time you spend cooking your meal. Long Description Food that has less liquid and less fat in it take less time to cook. Making pasta with less water, or making lean… Continue Reading

Check Your Tire Pressure

Save 332 lbs CO2 and $60 Savings Per Year Under-inflated tires are dangerous, prematurely age tires, and cost fuel efficiency! Most people don’t check their tire pressure regularly. This is like throwing money out the window while you’re driving. Not only does this action save you money but it saves CO2 and lots of it. So,… Continue Reading

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