About The Challenge

The SouthCoast Energy Challenge is an easy path to energy efficiency and saving money. It starts with registration and signing up for a free home energy assessment.   After your Home Energy Assessment, we have created a simple and easy roadmap to help you on your way to saving money, energy, and together reducing our regional CO2 emissions.

We at SEEAL challenge all residents of SouthCoast Massachusetts to take energy saving action today—in our homes, on the road, through the food we eat, the stuff we buy, and how we use and dispose of it. We created the Challenge to unify the efforts of individuals in our region who are already acting, and also to encourage everyone else to take action on the extremely relevant issues of energy conservation, efficiency and awareness.

The Challenge Mission:

To reduce fossil fuel-based energy consumption by 15% among 15% of households, or about 35,000 households in SouthCoast Massachusetts, over three years.

Our Story

The Energy Challenge began as a gleam in the eye of an insightful SouthCoast resident named Claude. Claude encountered a similar program in Minnesota and thought, ‘I think the people back home need to hear about this!’  Claude brought this kernel of a vision to the Marion Institute, a SouthCoast non-profit that has done immeasurable good in the fields of environmental education and justice, Green Jobs, and, of course, hosts of the annual Connecting for Change Conference. Claude arrived with the proclamation, “I want to propose a radical, expansive and evocative idea…the SouthCoast Energy Challenge!”

The brilliant minds at the Marion Institute recognized the genius of the concept, but knew that they alone were not equipped to take on such a monumental project. Instead they brought the idea to SEEAL, the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance, a collaborative of which they are an active part, and, SEEAL in turn announced, “here is a project for us!”

With a crack team of lead partners, including the Marion Institute, Bristol Community College Green Center, UMass Dartmouth Office of Campus & Community Sustainability, the Ocean Explorium, Southeastern Mass. Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP), Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD), and, of course, Claude, the SouthCoast Energy Challenge was born.

The Challenge Vision:

We see a future where SouthCoast families are healthier, our air and water cleaner, and we are each more thoughtful energy consumers. Our households, businesses, schools, and municipal buildings are updated to conserve energy, and many use clean and renewable energy like solar and wind. We recycle, compost, and buy food and products produced locally and sustainably as a matter of habit. Our region and its residents are leaders in living a clean energy lifestyle and in taking action together to affect local, state, and national policy. This is the vision of the future that guides the Energy Challenge. It’s a good looking vision…enjoy the view!

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