Welcome Millie!

We are excited to announce that Millie Sanchez will be joining the Energy Challenge as our new Outreach Manager!

Millie isMillie Sanchez a New Bedford resident with a passion for community activism. Recently, she has been working with the Girl Scouts of Southeastern MA and will graduate from Bristol Community College next month. She also serves as an intern at the Women’s Fund and LifeWork Project. This spring she is being honored as one of Massachusetts community colleges’ “29 Who Shine,” an award given to people who show exceptional promise as a future leader with a track record of community and academic success. Millie will also complete the Leadership Institute for Political & Public Impact program this spring, and will bring her ideas and energy to the work.

Millie’s new position will be supporting the SouthCoast Energy Challenge as it expands into the neighborhoods where GROW Education (GROW) is working. The Marion Institute’s GROW program operates in twelve New Bedford public schools, building and maintaining community gardens and offering workshops on a range topics. Millie will attend outreach events with the GROW community throughout the year, communicating the benefits of sustainable energy use and connecting residents with the resources available to them in the City of New Bedford.

To learn more about the SouthCoast Energy Challenge program, contact Millie at: msanchez@marioninstitute.org.


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