Save Water From the Drain


0 lbs CO2 Per Year

$0 Savings Per Year

Short Description

Hundreds of gallons of good water go to waste each year! By saving every drop you can save money and the planet!

Long Description

Preparing dinner for your friends or family? Remember to wash your ingredients a water-filled bowl rather than running them under the faucet – you can later use this water to water your house plants, while reducing wasted water from the faucet. Additionally, place a bucket under the shower to catch cold water while you wait for the shower to heat up – you can also use this water to water your plants with!


Be mindful of water use while cooking, and try to save as much water for later use as possible!


Doing this can save hundreds of gallons of water per year while reducing your water bill. Even if the savings are small, these actions are free and easy, and ever drop counts for our planet!

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