Laptop vs Desktop – Which One Wins?

0 lbs CO2 Per Year

$204.60 Savings Per Year

Short Description

Laptops are a great computer choice since they use less energy than desktops!

Long Description

What type of computer do you use? Laptop? Desktop? You might want to consider purchasing a laptop as your next computer. A laptop is a great computer choice because they consume less energy than a desktop computer, all while being conveniently portable!


When it’s time to upgrade to a new computer, check with local recycling programs to see about recycling your old one, and check out some of the new energy efficient models!


On average, a desktop costs $22 per month to run, while a laptop only costs an average of $4.95 to run. Additionally, computers are responsible for producing an estimated 2 percent of the worlds CO2 emissions annually.



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