Challenge of the week: dry your clothing au naturale…

You my friend, are doing about 8 loads of laundry a week. Does that sound about right? And did you know the number two energy hog in your home is your dryer? Your dryer is costing you about $70 a year. Would you like to harness the power of the sun and wind without the expense of solar panels or wind turbine? A simple clothes line will use our fresh New England air to dry your clothes without all that noise coming from your laundry room.

Your challenge: Set up or use your clothesline to dry your clothes. I will save you money, energy, yet best of all save your sanity. I know your shy, and so am I, but it will give you an excuse to go outside. It will give you a chance to escape your home so go out and dry your clothes alone. Don’t forget, upload a picture of your clothesline being used.

Here’s an great retractable clothesline kit from Home Depot that is less than $20.


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