7/23/14 Solar Home Tour Set For Sunday August 10

A summer solar home tour will take place on Sunday, August 10 from 4-6 pm in Dartmouth. The solar tour is designed to give homeowners a chance to view solar installations up-close and ask questions of the solar experts attending the tour. The van tour will visit 4 locations to see a variety of solar installations: rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV (photovoltaic), as well as solar hot water.

The tour is part of the educational programs presented during the Dartmouth Solar Challenge. One resident who attended the solar tour offered last spring became Dartmouth’s first solar installation of the Challenge. “I attended with my sister,” said Donna Martin, the owner, with her husband Jack, of a new solar array sized to cover 100 percent of their home electric needs. “The tour, like the workshops, are extremely informative and interactive,” she added.

The tour offers participants the chance to see how solar energy works on a small scale at homes and small businesses in their community, and have their questions answered. It can inspire people to make energy choices that reduce costs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Clean solar energy is a critical way to cut pollution from power generating plants. New solar PV owner Jack Martin calls solar “the way of the future, and environmentally the right thing to do.”

The recent article, “How to Install Solar Power and Save,” by Elizabeth Gehrman in the Boston Globe Magazine, underscores the ease and financial incentives that make solar especially appealing now in Massachusetts. The solar tour will take place from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on Sunday, August 10. Space is limited and registration is required. Although the Solar Tour is focused on Dartmouth installations, it is free and open to all residents of the South Coast region.

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