7/23/13 BayCoast Bank Partners with SouthCoast Energy Challenge to Offer Region’s First Solar Loan

Starting this summer, BayCoast Bank is offering a low interest, variable-term loan to SouthCoast residents interested in purchasing solar for their homes. The unique partnership between the SouthCoast Energy Challenge (SEC) and the region’s largest local bank will help to grow the number of people who can take advantage of the benefits of solar by making the technology more affordable. “Solar has always been part of our education and outreach, and by providing a new tool for energy conscious residents who want to make a smart investment, we are helping our members move towards being greener consumers,” said Jennifer Marshall, Director of SEC and SEEAL (Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance).

BayCoast is no stranger to energy lending. Since participating in the HEAT loan program in 2011, they have managed over 600 energy efficiency loans for SouthCoast residents who are taking steps to improve the efficiency of their homes by replacing windows, upgrading heating systems and installing new insulation. “BayCoast Bank is pleased to partner with the SouthCoast Energy Challenge to promote sustainable energy projects throughout the region,” said Dan Briand, Senior Vice President of Lending for BayCoast Bank. ”We support the renewable energy movement and are eager to assist homeowners with financing ‘energy smart’ improvements to their residences. Our specially tailored loan program will help our customers reduce their energy consumption and ownership costs. We also look forward to assisting our communities and the SouthCoast Energy Challenge in meeting their energy goals.”

Jim Oliva, Sales Director for Real Goods Solar (now RGS Energy), added, ” For homeowners who want to own their solar and see their purchase as a smart investment, a local loan option makes sense. Our sales people work hand in hand with BayCoast Bank’s lending professionals to streamline the process for each customer. Going solar in SouthCoast couldn’t be easier and we are excited to be part of this innovative partnership.”

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