11/14/13 Fairhaven Solar Challenge Bus Tour

Don’t miss your chance to go solar! The SouthCoast Energy Challenge will be hosting a solar bus tour December 8th at 1:30 pm to visit Fairhaven homes that have gone solar, and to provide information about the benefits of the Challenge’s solar program before it ends on December 31st.

The tour will visit up to a dozen homes that have had solar panels installed, and attendees will have the opportunity to speak to several homeowners about their experience. The Fairhaven Energy Challenge was launched on May 29th, and has been providing Fairhaven residents with information related to energy efficiency and solar through direct mail, outreach at events, and workshops. The staff has canvassed over 500 homes, attended local events and helped 107 families schedule a no-cost home energy assessment. To date, 171 families in Fairhaven have scheduled solar assessments, resulting in 19 signed contracts.

Arstein Tveit, a Fairhaven resident who joined the Challenge over the summer, has been excited to monitor his new system’s production since it was installed one month ago. “We were willing to make the up-front investment because our panels will offset 100% of our home’s electrical usage each year,” he said. “In addition, making our home more energy efficient and installing solar will increase the value of our home long term.” Due to a stable, statewide renewable energy incentive program combined with a 30% federal tax credit and low solar panel prices, Massachusetts is leading the nation as one of the best states to go solar. The Fairhaven Solar Challenge brings these incentives plus a special discount to help homeowners save and potentially make money with solar energy.

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