Eyesores and Eye-Soars

By Vera Mercurio

Dartmouth Solar FarmI have been hearing this term ever since the wind mills (turbines) were put up in parts of the Southcoast area. I think it seems strange maybe even a bit shallow to ascetically judge our attempts to protect planet. I mean think about it we have polluted the planet with landfills, nuclear plants, and are robbing Earth blind of its natural resources and beauty. I saw the term again while reading an article about solar panels in landfills. There are thousands of inactive landfills that do not accept household waste. Essentially, there are miles and miles of trash sitting on the planet (quite the eyesore.)

Recently Vermont invested in a 2 Megawatt Solar PV system, stretching across a 9.5 acre closed landfill. This turns an already unsuitable environment for life into a means of producing energy through a solar farm. Since the incentives in Massachusetts are so great, we are really taking advantage of solar farms on landfills. In the town of Ludlow in Hampden County, they invested in solar panels to cover 17 acres of the towns closed landfill. This saved the town over $140,000 on energy bills, created construction jobs, and will offset about 4.3 million pounds of CO2. So I am wondering why are people so sour about solar? If it can benefit you and the planet who cares how it looks.

What if instead of looking down on clean energy we let our eyes soar to the future and recognize the beauty of a healthy and modern world.

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