Experiencing the Healing Power of Sound and Tai Chi at Connecting for Change

by Malena Buker

I really enjoyed the Connecting for Change Conference in New Bedford. It had such a good energy, all the people were very nice, friendly, and willing to speak to us, and it was just a fun event overall. After my shift, I attended a couple of workshops. The first one I did was called “Sound Healing.” This is when a person lays on a big cushion on the ground surrounded by bowls and instruments and, of course, the people playing the instruments. You lay there and relax your whole body, and as they chime each instrument with very persistent and precise movements, your body becomes more and more relax. As I was laying there, I felt like stress was being lifted from my body and cleared from my mind. The point of sound healing is that every time a sound hits, the vibrations go through your body and relieve the cells of stress. I felt like it really worked.

After that, I did some Tai Chi. This is also supposed to be relaxing and stress relieving, but I did not feel like it really helped me. Maybe I was just doing the movements or positions wrong. I’m not sure. The point of Tai Chi is to move your body in a way that allows energy to flow throughout your entire body, instead of allowing energy to build up in one spot and cause pain in that area. I had to leave early, so I did not get the chance to finish the session, but I don’t think I will get into Tai Chi in the future. Overall, I really liked attending Connecting For Change and  hope to go again next year and explore more.

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