Cars with 2x the Fuel Efficiency are Here…and We’re Sending Them to Europe!

by Miles Flisher

There is a strange over-usage of oil that America has seemed to gravitate toward. We use more oil than we actually need in every car driven here, even though we make cars here that are actually twice as fuel-efficient as our average car. Cars are being built in a plant in the U.S. that will get 70-80 miles per gallon, yet they will not be sold here. Since these cars use half as much gas, they use about half the amount of gasoline, in theory reducing the amount of carbon emissions by half for every car. So why do we make cars here that use half the amount of gas but will not sell them?

The taxes of roadways are a main factor, since our roads are maintained by taxpayers money. The tax that pays for roadways maintenance is based on the cars efficiency per gallon. In short, when more gasoline is used, more money is given to provide for the maintenance of the roads. While this does not excuse the fact that we build cars right here in the U.S. that get up to 80 miles per gallon, it does provide some reason as to why we have been stuck in our ways for so long.

We have the ability to reduce our carbon emissions by half in the U.S. but for the greed of money, we continue to rely on excess amount of oil. Strangely enough though, gas costs roughly twice as much per gallon in Europe, where these cars are mostly being used. The cars get twice as good mileage on gas, but the gas costs twice as much, so as far as price per gallon it is not too different. This raises the question: why do we still a need to use twice as much oil as we need if the oil companies will still get the same amount of money?

The neglect of fuel efficient cars has gone on for too long. While it will be difficult to stop our use of oil entirely, we can start by driving cars that require half as much oil as the average car on the road today and make a dramatic reduction our greenhouse gas emissions. If people begin to realize that these cars are being made in our country, they may begin to ask why we haven’t been able to buy these cars and a movement away from oil may finally happen.


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