Can Wet Hair Save a-Watt?

By Malena Bunker (week 3)
I recently made a point not to use my blow dryer unless I absolutely HAVE to. It started off as trying to save my hair from getting fried, but it turned into much more than that.
Have you ever wondered how much energy your blow dryer uses?
On low, it uses about 402 watts on low, and 1440 watts on high!
That’s outrageous The reason so much energy is being used is because the blow dryer is producing the heat and that just takes a lot of power itself. Then, it’s being blown out at a very high speed during an amount of time. For most women, the blow dryer is used anywhere from about 3 times on average to EVERY DAY from 5 minutes to 15 minutes! All of that energy is just unnecessary! Imagine how much money is going down the drain, when you could’ve just used an alternative by letting your hair air dry. Not to mention, using as little heat as possible on your hair will save it from damage. Also, all that money wasted could be used on many other things. A new pair of shoes, a dinner for two, or whatever else that could be more enjoyable AND energy saving.
I also found some trivia questions and answers that are pretty interesting and very useful in saving energy and putting your money back in your pocket.

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