Brita filter water bottle

By Vera Mercurio

Over the course of this weekend I learned a lot about sustainability. Of course I have been aware of the fact that we live on a finite planet, and that much of the things we use can be adjusted so that we can use less and re-use more. After my intern training I felt that I could adjust a few things in my life but I am going to begin with a small sustainability goal that will go a long way.

A couple weeks ago I was in class and the girl sitting across from me had a Brita filtered water bottle. I thought to myself that is really cool and I probably should start drinking a lot more water. After this weekend I thought about it in a different way that I have not before. Having a filtered water bottle at your fingertips is handy because it is reusable. A much better alternative to the plastic water bottles I have been using. After some research I learned that one Brita water filter can replace 300 plastic bottles, saving over $45 per month.  Essentially on average [if you buy water bottles] you use 1,200 a year. That is a lot of plastic that does not need to be used. In a year you would save $180, spare the planet of more plastic, and have a nice thermos to take everywhere with you. I think my sustainability goal will help me drink more water, be more conscious about using plastic, and have a ton of healthy benefits. So that being said, I just ordered a new Brita filtered water bottle online, the great thing is the filters last for 3 months do I have a while until I need to buy more. So let’s say you buy a thermos like me for $18.99 and spend $20.64 on a year supply of replacement filters (it is $6.88 for a 2 pack). In total you would spend $39.63, subtract that from the amount you are going to save from switching, you are still gaining $140.37. You will be helping the planet and saving money so I say why not? Plus if you go on Brita’s website you will see that they encourage you to recycle your filters by sending them back.

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