Seal your Ducts

Money Saved: $250

Energy Saved: 2800 lbs CO2

Having your air ducts professionally sealed can save you about $250 on your heating and cooling costs every year. What are some clues that your ducts are not properly sealed? Very high summer and winter utility bills are the first big clue. Also, if certain rooms in your home are particularly difficult to heat or cool, or just seem stuffy or less comfortable than other rooms – this is a sign! Ductwork that appears tangled or kinked should also be checked. Apart from the dollar savings associated with professional duct sealing, other benefits include improved indoor air quality, reduced stuffiness and temperature extremes in your home, as well as heightened safety. Leaky ductwork can cause back drafting, a situation in which combustable gases from water heaters, clothes dryers, and furnaces leak into your home instead of venting outdoors. You only have to do this action once, and it lasts a long time! Seal those ducts today and start saving immediately!

Ask your friends and neighbors if they can recommend a local professional to get those ducts sealed!


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