Wheaton College Green Club

Ever since my freshman year at Wheaton College, I have been a part of a club called SEGA, which stands for Students Engaged in Green Activism. Our goal is to promote energy awareness as well as get students to recognize green initiatives on campus. For the first year, we were a very small club with just four members, including me, having weekly meetings and promoting who we are to the entire campus.

But recently, our membership increased to seven members. As a result of that jump, we created big projects present and future that could definitely make an impact to the campus. The first project we started was a recycling program with an organization called Terracycle whose job is to recycle unconventional objects like shampoo bottles, mouthwash, deodorants, toothpaste, and others and then they give points to an organization, in this case, ours. To get the entire campus involved, we set up boxes in some of the dorms with a list of items and were honestly very skeptical about the result. However, over the year, the student body really got involved and we were able to send a couple boxes to Terracycle. We earned 4,000 points in total, so we could donate those points to a charity of our choice, but we haven’t decided what to do with them yet. This is a successful program and we can’t wait to continue it next year.

For the future, we may build a miniature version of wind turbine to power one building on campus to show the campus that we are completely invested in green energy and that they should do the same. This may become a project for next year and we have the help of the physics professor to build this. So, I have high hopes for next year and the future of this club for green activism. You can check us out on Facebook under Wheaton SEGA to see all we have done. https://www.facebook.com/wheatonsega?ref_type=bookmark



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