Week 6 Progress Update

I haven’t had much of a chance to work on my sustainability goal this week because I’ve been super busy. I’m going to make a real effort next week to work on that. I thought I would take this time to update about my progress with the internship so far this summer. This week has been very busy for all of us, and we’ve had some awesome events to attend.

My first event was a little rough this week. It was the Fall River Farmer’s Market. It was raining and it was pretty small. Other vendors also didn’t show up because of the weather. People wanted to get out of the rain and really didn’t want to listen to my pitch. But things turned around in the middle of the week when I attended the Wareham Book Sale. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Most of the people who attended were senior citizens, so they weren’t in as much of a rush as most people at other events, which was nice. I even got a couple of the librarians to sign up. Since I was by myself it ended up being great practice for me. I was able to get 11 leads altogether, which really made up for my event earlier in the week. Then on Saturday Jen and I attended the Holistic Health and Wellness fair in Westport, and got to talk to a lot of cool people. Although there weren’t quite as many people as I expected, almost everyone we did speak to signed up. We were each able to get 7, most of which were solar leads since Westport doesn’t have NSTAR or National Grid. I got to practice my solar and solar hot water pitches quite a bit and feel a lot more confident about that. I found that people responded really well to the idea of solar water, since basically every homeowner is eligible and it’s so much less invasive than full blown solar. People were really open-minded and nice and we fit in well with the crowd.

Overall this has been a good week for me, and I’m sure for others as well. Next week has some great events to attend as well, and I’m excited and hope to keep up the good pace.

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