Going Solar Like a Pro

Going Solar Like a ProSolar power, the increasingly popular form of energy , just converts sunlight into electricity either by panels or indirectly though another source.

Solar comes mostly in the form of solar panels that people can put either on their roofs or in their yard. The solar panels are photovoltaic, meaning that they convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. The number of solar panels that can go onto a roof depends on how much a household pays its energy bills, how old the roof is, and how much budget the household manages. These days, I think solar power’s a great option, and interest is high. I’m always amazed and excited about how many solar leads that we get each week.

Solar panels are just one form of having solar. On Tuesday’s team meeting, we made solar phone chargers, following a video from a guy that has built one of chargers before. Now, to build a solar phone charger, one needs an Altoids tin or some other tin can, a 4V solar panel, batteries, soldering iron, wires, and a special USB port. However, besides this, it is definitely a process. I learned some electrical skills that could come in handy for the future. Even thoughI didn’t do it, I would say that the hardest part is the soldering. Just watching Aaron and Eli solder the wires to the positive and negative side of the panel seemed difficult or frustrating, but its awesome when the light comes on and you can use solar power on a smaller scale! When I pick up my own solar phone charger, it will work and I can save a bit of energy by using it. If you want to make your own, you can always find videos on Youtube using simple parts from around the house or buy a kit on amazon. Get one because they are awesome!

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