Solar Energy: Driving Towards New Horizons

Solar Energy- Driving Towards New HorizonsRecently a group of engineering students from the University of New South Wales created a record breaking solar car. The team calls themselves Sunswift and they have developed a solar car that they confidently believe will break a 20 year old record. The record that they are planning on breaking combines speed and distance. In order to qualify the car must travel a distance over 310 miles using only solar power and a battery pack. The current record for a solar car in this category is 45 mph over 310 Miles. The team plans to beat this record by achieving an astonishing speed of 87 Mph. The overall goal of the Sunswift team is to prove that solar powered cars can be a practical means of travel and they want to be part of the solar revolution. Sunswift represents what the new generation wants to see for our future. What they are doing is a vital part of what needs to be done to improve our current system that is quite frankly going to ultimately destroy us. If humans want to continue our way of life we need practical forms of alternate energy and transportation. With the progressive minds of the students from Sunswift, the future actually looks very promising for us all.

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