Hope for America’s Future

It’s unfortunate to see that today, Americans (well some) seem to only care about themselves and not about others. They are disintegrating that community that they talk about back in the so called “good old days” by not talking to their neighbors, or lending a helping hand to someone who is not as privileged and successful as one is in life. Fortunately though, I saw a glimmer of hope for America’s future to protect our communities at an event that I was working at yesterday.

This event was called the Onset Summer Music Series at 1 Union Avenue, Onset, MA 02558. I mean, tons of people from different socioeconomic classes came to this event- it is not just an event exclusive for the rich, the middle class, the poor or people that just lived in Massachusetts; everyone from all stretches of life can come to this event. In fact, one person was from Tennessee while another person that I talked to was from Westwood which is located near Boston. It’s pretty awesome talking to people from other places in the United States or even around the world instead of just talking to people whom live around you (I mean don’t get me wrong, it is cool to talk to people around you but as not as more cool to meet someone from a place like Tennessee). But anyways, it was nice to see everyone having a good time-sitting back, listening to the music and even dancing to it. The next group that will play at Onset will be on Wednesday, July 30th from 6:30pm-9:30 and will occur every Wednesday from 6:30pm-9:30pm with different bands until August 26th. It is a great event to bring your friends too or the whole family to just sit back, relax your mind from a long day of work, and to just listen to the music and talk to people from around the Commonwealth or even from different parts of the United States. But more importantly, this is just one of the many great events that a group of people in the South Coast hold in order to mold our community together. Speaking for my generation, I really do appreciate that a lot as I too care about my community and making it a better one for my peers and for future generations to come.

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