German Solar

German SolarAt one of the events I worked at this week I learned an interesting fact from a wonderful environmentally friendly citizen, who also signed up with us. He talked about how Germany is one of the leading producers of alternative energy, especially in solar. Him and his wife visited their a couple years ago and said when they drove on the Autobahn that there were miles and miles of solar energy farms. In fact nearly every house that met the right conditions, southish facing and unshaded, had solar panels on either their roof or yard. And apparently the United States and Germany are also on the exact same longitude or really close to the same longitude, but Germany more than doubles our solar energy output in megawatts at the end of 2013. This really intrigued me, so I decided to do some research later that day.
Germany has been the world’s top solar installer for several years with about 1.4 million PV systems all over the country which accounts for about 7% of their total electric generation. In addition to other alternative energy sources, Germany’s share of renewable energy is about 31%, well on their way to reaching their government goal of 35% by the end of 2020. And a good start to achieve their goal of 100 percent of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2050. Their solar energy production is continuously growing and they have even been starting to export some of their energy to neighboring countries. Meanwhile America is just starting to get more serious in producing solar energy. Last year the US installed 4,751 Megawatts of new PV capacity, the largest amount in one year in American history, and is continuing to grow at an increasing pace. If we continue to move towards more solar energy production and other alternative energy sources, our energy will be cleaner and safer.

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