Take Out the Trash- The End of Caffeine-Induced Waste

Take Out the Trash- The End of Caffeine-Induced WasteLet me get one thing straight. I love a good cup of coffee. It’s a little ridiculous, I know, but it’s little things that go a long way in my experience. It’s just the thing to pick me up from that afternoon slump. However, I’m putting a stop to it this summer. I’ve had enough of my trash-generating habit, even though it seems kind of menial.  Approximately, I drink four takeaway coffees a week, and it’s even more when school is in session. Although I never purchase coffee in Styrofoam cups, it’s summer, and that means iced coffee in plastic cups. According to carryyourcup.org, only about a fourth of the 4.47 million tons of plastic beverage containers sold were recycled in 2006, and I’m sure the number has only grown as demand has risen. The news is similarly poor for paper cups- according to the same website, each paper cup manufactured is responsible for  .24 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which adds up if one is purchased every day.

As a result of this news, I’m swearing off disposable coffee cups this summer. I have purchased a thermos, and am looking for a similarly reusable container for iced coffee. The trash piles up in my car, and I’m sick of feeling guilty about it. Hopefully, I can stop buying coffee altogether, since it’s a big waste of money anyway. If this goes well, I’m hoping to progress to another sustainability goal by the end of the summer.

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