Tabling Experiences 101

There is not much going on in my life at this point besides going to outreach events and resting at home, meaning sleeping in. Since you are probably in a rush, I am going to make this post short and sweet. This is my first week doing outreach and my first time doing this, so I am giving you what I learned from this, along with progress on the plants. Going to events this week and trying to persuade people to sign up, I realize it is harder than you think because some people are just persistent to say no immediately even without knowing that they could definitely save money as well as save energy. I had to try different approaches in order to appeal to the larger crowd and find what works for me and give people some room to take in the information and have a conversation with me. So, I noticed that going up to people and handing them a clipboard and emphasizing on the idea of the no cost home energy assessment is the best way to convince a person to sign up. With lots of practice, memorizing the script and watching the lead interns who have done this before, I am positively sure that I will get much better and learn to just speak confidently to people, even those who deny the home energy assessment.

For my sustainability goal, I have started the first step, which is digging a hole in the soil and planting the seeds into the hole. Every other day, I must water the seeds and watch them grow, documenting the height once the shoots start to sprout. The progress will be slow, but hopefully it will be worthwhile in having a fresh grown tomato to eat. Don’t worry, I will keep working on perfecting my skills and keep track of the tomato plants. See that wasn’t so bad and I am still growing from the experiences.


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