It is just so darn reach-able! (Kicking the Soda Habit)

I thought my sustainability goal was going to be easy and that cutting out soda would take a week max. I was wrong. What I failed to realize was that soda is everywhere and avoiding it is harder then it seems. It doesn’t help that every Friday my family sits around the dinner table and drinks soda. Although it is tempting to enjoy a fresh cold coke, I have been able to avoid the soda and stick to water. It turns out that I broke my sustainability goal when I don’t think about my meal or when I’m distracted. This came into to play during my prom. After finishing eating and dancing I was pretty thirsty and my friends and I went to get a drink. The cups with soda were pre-filled so I took the cup and drank the soda very quickly. It was only until the next day I realized that I broke my goal. What I learned from my mistake is that a sustainability goal cannot be achieved in a day or week. Reaching a true goal of sustainability is something that should take months or years. I understand that on the course to cutting out soda completely, I will make a few mistakes and drink coke here and there. However the final result will be the complete annihilation of soda from my diet. Reaching my goal will help my body and the environment.

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