Green: More Than Just My Favorite Color

I’m not usually one to choose favorites. I have a few favorite things, like my favorite day of the week (Friday), my favorite season (Summer), and my favorite baseball team (the Red Sox). Any sane person probably shares these favorite things with me, however I do have a favorite that isn’t so obvious and slightly sets me apart: My favorite color is green!

Favorite colors exhibit individuality – the color spectrum is so mysterious and beautiful that choosing just one is like choosing a single piece of candy in a whole candy store. It’s a tough decision, and though orange and blue will always have a special place in my heart, there’s so much to green that just speaks to me on a personal level.

I look outside and see green all around me – the plants and trees breathe with life and glow a brilliant green, reflected by the sunlight and distinguished by thousands of respective shades. Nature is beautiful. Nature is our home and composes the precious framework that secures our prosperity as humankind. It is logical and imperative that we protect our home, as it won’t be very forgiving once it’s too late.

“Going Green” is more than just a catchy tagline. Going Green envelops the philosophy of sustainability by encouraging individuals to become mindful of their carbon footprint and to adapt to a lifestyle of environmental awareness. Before I “woke up” and made the decision to Go Green, I found tasks such as recycling and conscious consumerism to be trivial and inconvenient. The reality is that true inconvenience exists in a world where human greed and lack of action lead to the destruction of our only home.

While I stop to admire the allure of the green trees, their essence whispers back with a message of hope and optimism. It is not yet too late to control pollution and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is not yet too late to wake up and prioritize the future over the present, and to live in a world where mankind and nature exist in balance and harmony. It will never be too late to start protecting our home. So join me and millions of others – Go Green, take the Challenge, and together we can help ensure a better world for all, for goodness sake! Let’s save the planet!

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