My Family’s Experience with Solar Panels

This past week my Dad finally got solar panels installed on his house, which has been very exciting for all of us. Although, this isn’t the first experience we have had with solar panels. About 15 years ago my parents bought a tiny cabin up in Vermont to spend our summers in. Initially there was no electricity at all. Their goal was to make it as self-sufficient as possible, so they installed solar panels to power the whole cabin. Despite being a relatively new technology, they functioned really well and made the cabin so much more practical. Although the cabin was very bare-bones, I still cherish those memories as some of the best. I learned that simplicity is far from a bad thing, and it ultimately brought us closer together as there were much fewer distractions.

About 2 months ago before I started working here, my dad was approached by one of our partners in his area. After signing up, he was informed that he had a south-facing house and was a perfect candidate for solar panels. Some of his neighbors have solar panels as well and had nothing but good reviews. Given his experience with solar panels in the past, I’m sure he was much more open to it than the average person.

The panels are installed, but now we are waiting for NSTAR to switch out the meter so it runs two ways. My dad was told to resist the temptation to turn on the system because he would be paying for some of his neighbors electricity and wind up with a huge bill at the end of the month, which several impatient customers learned the hard way. I’ll keep the blog updated from time to time about how everything is going once the system is up and running!

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