Drive Less, Spend Less

Drive Less, Spend LessBack when I was younger I would always use my bicycle to get places like my friends’ houses, practice, or school. But ever since I got my license and my car I have always driven places because of convenience and the freedom to go wherever I needed with ease.

Unfortunately it has taken a toll on my wallet, my health, and our environment. I can’t recall the last time I’ve paid for gas that was under $3.00 and I’ve been driving for about 4 years now so one can only imagine the ridiculous amount of money I’ve poured into my gas tank. I used to share a sedan with my brother, that got pretty decent mileage, but it was old and just recently broke down, so now I am stuck driving around my mother’s old minivan. As much as I love that van, as it was my first car I drove around in, it is expensive to fill her up and needs to be filled up constantly, especially now that I am driving a lot more for this job. All the nonrenewable resources I am using just so I can go places are kind of unsettling now that I think about it. So my goal to be more sustainable and be more green is to reduce the amount I drive and try to convince my friends to take on this challenge with me. I plan on carpooling to places with my friends when I can, biking/walking/running to places when it’s possible, and finally by the end of the summer I hope to convince my parents to sell that minivan so I can buy a more fuel efficient car(hopefully a prius). I will also attempt to get my friends to This will benefit me financial, health wise, and of course it will help slow down our use of fossil fuels, even if it is negligible.

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