Thoughts about King Corn

This past week I watched a very interesting  independent documentary,  King Corn.

The movie unsurprisingly focused on the staple that feeds America, corn. The documentary wasn’t biased toward whether the industrialization of corn was good or bad; it just showed the facts. It depicted how corn is in nearly everything – from our hair to the beef in our hamburgers – nearly everything is make out of this “resource”.

From a sustainability perspective, it shows how industrialization has seeped into formerly sustainable agrarian areas. Everything now seems to focus on pesticides, mass production, and sales charts. Yet, farmers can’t even feed their families with the crop they grow.

In my opinion, in order to be sustainable, we need to support farmers with a local perspective. Having mass-production farms in foreign lands drain resources and creates greenhouse gases from transportation. Utilizing local farms stimulates the local economy, and also reduces transportation greenhouse gases in the process.

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