Talking the talk, walking the walk, chapter 7

It’s been a challenging week … but I keep on trying even when I fall short on my energy-saving goals.   I want to save energy.   I want to live a more sustainable and healthy life … but time and energy fail me at times.   As I have talked to people while out looking for leads for home energy assessments and solar energy, I realize we are in the same boat.   We do care about saving energy… but time runs out and other problems take up our time.   The problem is that there are always going to be immediate concerns — the house, job, health, etc. — that demand immediate attention.   My challenge – and the challenge of everyone I have talked to – is to find a way to incorporate clean energy into our hectic lives.   I was disturbed by the recent UN report that shows that the degradation of our planet is accelerating and the tipping point where destructive climate changes will be irreversible is fast approaching — in just a few years not 20, 50 and 100 years from now.   We have all seen nature’s fury causing hardship around the world; I need to remember this when I am tired and don’t feel like taking the extra step to save

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