Making Energy Audits a Norm

Making Energy Audits a NormI have discovered a new way for people to educate people on having an energy assessment done. I plan on discussing this during the next team meeting, but I am posting this as a blog post because I believe that this saying can be used by other people to simply make energy assessments a more common occurrence.

“Have you completed your energy audit this year?” I asked people today. This statement implies that an energy audit is something they should have been doing already. When I asked this, many people were taken aback, scared that they have been doing something wrong. And they HAVE- not saving energy and money is awful! If people are aware of energy audits, then I can happily share the information about the SouthCoast Energy Challenge and then tell them that the service is at no cost to them. This makes them feel like they are back in the loop and there is an easy way to get there. For those that don’t know, this allows me to start from the beginning and give them the pitch about our nonprofit organization and why saving energy and money is good- something most people can relate to easily.

Even if you are not one of the interns giving your pitch, people in conversation could bring this up. Hopefully getting your energy audit done every 3 years will be as common as asking someone if they have done taxes this year.

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