Week 2. StyNOfoam

This week was an eye opener as to how much Styrofoam is being wasted. I went to two different Dunkin’ Donuts this past week, and in both stores were piles of used plastic and Styrofoam cups in the trash bins and even in the parking lot left for cars to drive over.   I  also noticed  employees handing out “hot cups” (Styrofoam cups to use underneath the iced coffee cups) without the customer even asking for them. That is just plain wasting resources.

Some people don’t know that you can buy reusable sleeves for iced coffees instead of paying an extra $0.25 for a cup that is just going to be thrown away an hour or so after it is bought.

Overall, I have been doing pretty well keeping up with my goal. I’ve noticed that it is a lot easier to remember to bring my reusable cup if I just leave it in my car to begin with. I do want to raise the ante and try to eliminate buying coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts all together.  Not only for my health, but also for the sake of my wallet.


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