Talking the talk, walking the walk, chapter 6I

My internship at the SouthCoast Energy Challenge has opened my eyes and caused me to deal with my own energy-wasting habits.  It has also helped me to see how much I have in common with others who find it difficult to change their old ways.   I have been very successful in being less wasteful about food this week.  My plastic bag use has been greatly reduced and I am avoiding packaged foods for fresh ingredients or minimally packaged food products.   I am in the habit of checking the back of the box to check the portion size, calorie count, salt and sugar content.  Now I also consider the package itself.   Can I recycle it?  Is there a better and less wasteful choice?

I have been humbled as I have struggled to keep my word about reducing food waste.   There have been many times when I get very cranky and wonder if all this extra effort is worth it.   Hey, life hasn’t been easy recently.   I’m tired, stressed.   I don’t have the time and energy to be tackling energy savings.  I can see where that thinking is taking me — and I remind myself that it may be tough but being energy efficient is essential to my goal of living a happier and healthier life.   I have read how our wasteful energy use is destroying our planet.   Even though I don’t want to bother at times, I cannot ignore how my habits are contributing to our collective willful blindness about our energy use.   It helps me to keep on trying because we all need to do our part and how the aggregation of all our individual energy-savings habits will make us all healthier and happier.   It will also help to save the planet.

This has helped me to connect with people when I encourage them to sign up for the Energy Challenge, home energy assessments and solar evaluations.  Yes,  we all want to save money on our energy bills but, as I talk to people, we agree that we also want to protect our beautiful South Coast environment.   We want a better world and are ready to sacrifice to make it happen.   This gives me that hopeful boost that enables me to get past my resistance to fight on.


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