Talking the talk, walking the walk, chapter 5

Changing old habits always seems like two steps forward, one step back for me … and I think it’s a universal challenge.  I’m feeling good when I remember to take my shopping tote into the supermarket and purchase groceries without a lot of packaging.  I cook a healthy meal at home and generate little waste.   I’m on my way to a more sustainable future.   Not so fast because the next day I’m stressed, tired and in a bad mood and undo all the good from the day before.   I am frustrated but realize that kicking myself is not helpful.     Changing behavior is never easy and there will be many setbacks before new healthy behaviors take hold.   In fact, changing unhealthy behavior is a lifelong challenge.   In the face of high recidivism rates, why bother if old habits continually call to you like a siren’s song?   When I feel like giving up, I have to remind myself that pursuing my goal of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle is worth pushing through all the obstacles.   Yeah, it’s tough…yeah, it’s frustrating but it is worth it.   I’ve handled tough obstacles before.   I look past the fatigue and stress that sabotage my good intentions and remember how great it is to be healthy and physically active.   I closely observe the world around me and remind myself how great is to to breathe clean air, drink clean water and savor nature’s many delights.  It helps me to keep trying when I’m feeling grumpy not grateful.   It also helps me to be more empathetic toward my neighbors who struggle with the same problems.       We need to support each other to keep trying and not to give in to cynicism and despair.

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